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Sep 08

Cryptocurrency: the path to true freedom?

The first time that I heard about BTC was back in March 2017. I began to study this new technology and I was stunned by the inefficiencies and the lack of information that there was at that time. The best place to get some relevant information was the bitcointalk forum. It took me a while […]
Jul 30

Maltese Parliament passes Blockchain, Cryptocurrency and DLT laws

The Maltese Parliament voted unanimously in favor of three bills related to cryptocurrency and Blockchain. Once again, the country has established itself as a destination of choice for the installation of digital currency exchange services, with new regulations favorable to the development of the industry and the blockchain technology. Thus,it opens its doors to new […]
Jul 10

8 keypoints for applying for a VFA license in Malta

As we are getting closer to the date that the Virtual Financial Asset Bill will be voted from the Maltese Parliament, a lot of professionals are wondering what the next steps will be in the adoption process. Here’s 8 keypoints for a VFA license in Malta. Let’s see some key points of the VFA Bill: […]
Jul 09

CoinAgenda Europe is coming home. Be there!

The World Cup may have to wait 4 more years but CoinAgenda Europe is definitely coming home. Home of the blockchain industry that is. From July 15 to 17, Malta, also known as the blockchain island, is hosting CoinAgenda Europe, the leading investor conference series in the blockchain sector since 2014. The conference will be […]
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