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VFAhub is connecting blockchain experts with business specialists under the framework of Virtual Financial Assets in Malta. Our company has acquired a list of the hottest VFA.com domains and we are seeking to pitch them as standalone projects, building a network of leading businesses in blockchain province.

VFAhub is offering much more than just selling domain names. Our existing network of VFA agents, attorneys, tax accountants and auditors are here to assisting you to take your existing project to life.

  • Editor in Chief

    Nanopoulos Konstantinos is the Founder and Managing Partner of TaxExperts SA (www.taxexperts.eu) a Greek based financial and tax consulting firm. Konstantinos has a sizable knowledge and experience in different areas of corporate finance, asset management and taxation, having served several international companies and high net worth individuals.


  • Senior Editor

    Michalis Fragkiadakis is the Chief Hack Investigator and a Community Support Engineer at Exodus, a multi-currency cryptocurrency wallet. Being an inquisitive person he has involved himself in the field of science, having an MSc in Nuclear Physics, in the arts, as a professional actor, and in technology. In that field Cryptocurrencies and the Blockchain is the most recent object of interest and expertise.