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There is no doubt that the blockchain business is very challenging. You need a unique combination of skills just to survive. In fact, skills take a whole different meaning at the level of a functional crypto or a  VFA Exchange.

Being experienced, communicative, smart and diligent is just for starters. In this article we will analyze what we deem to be the perfect skills mix for a successful VFA manager.

Financial and Economic background

An ecosystem is merely a financial system where demand and supply meet, so understanding the basic rules of trading is simply not enough. Financial intelligence is needed for the Offering of the VFA and the development of the project.


Although the cryptoworld is not as primitive as it was back in 2012, being knowledgeable the technology behind Blockchain is a must. Developing your project is impossible without a deep understanding of the boundaries of your technology and how you can stretch them.


Many VFA projects have social impact or they were just made to settle social divergences. Leaving aside projects such as bitnation or bitcharity which are purely driven by sociological impact, we see that many other schemes are strongly bound with social behavior, and the binding is omni-directional.


Even though hype will not lead you to success, strong marketing skills which combine market psychology and consumer behavior are critical for a thriving pitch.


Needless to analyze why the aspect of security is important in VFA projects.

Monetary Policy

Monetary policy is important during the Offering and throughout the  project cycle. The process by which tokens are utilized or burned is similar to the high end monetary policy that central banks are following. Hey, you can govern an economy without knowing how to inflate and deflate it

Regulatory Environment

In a previous article, we analyzed how taxation plays its role in business planning. Regulation becomes even more farfetched when you consider KYC, GDPR and all other License obligations.

Banking System

Having the banking system on your side is a strong asset. Fiat is needed to pay your suppliers, your taxes and get money from your clients for the VFA offered, so being able to build and maintain banking relationships is a must.


Having all the above?

Well, the first thing we would seek is some of your shine, although we guess that you are already too busy dealing with a big project. If you are not so shiny and you have core managerial skills, then finding the right people to complement your profile, is key.


Edited by: Nanopoulos Konstantinos



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