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Our Services

VFA Offerings are nowhere different than any other businesses. You need to be lawful, skilled, diligent and stick with deliverables.
Before reaching our Hub, kindly respect that.

We will not consider your project unless you pay an assessment fee…
We eat, live and breathe KYC Checks…
We are keen for projects thrilled to succeed…

We are offering a wide range of services in the area that we call as “VFA Entrepreneurship”,
using top-tier business development managers, legal advisors, accountants and auditors in Malta and abroad.

Corporate Services

Incorporate a company or register a branch in Malta
Employing a Corporate Director (not nominee for God’s sake)
Banking solutions
Accounting and Tax compliance
Statutory Auditors

Business Development

ICO Launch advisory
Business Model assessment
Finding and setting up a nice office in Malta
Relocating or recruiting staff

VFA Licensing

VFA Agent service
White paper consultation based on VFA guidelines
Apply with Malta Digital Innovation Authority to get a VFA License