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Sep 08

Cryptocurrency: the path to true freedom?

The first time that I heard about BTC was back in March 2017. I began to study this new technology and I was stunned by the inefficiencies and the lack of information that there was at that time. The best place to get some relevant information was the bitcointalk forum. It took me a while […]
Jul 09

CoinAgenda Europe is coming home. Be there!

The World Cup may have to wait 4 more years but CoinAgenda Europe is definitely coming home. Home of the blockchain industry that is. From July 15 to 17, Malta, also known as the blockchain island, is hosting CoinAgenda Europe, the leading investor conference series in the blockchain sector since 2014. The conference will be […]
Jun 27

VFA Wallets: keys management and security concerns

Virtual Financial Assets (VFA) is all about cryptography and key pairs: random numbers that are associated, however, with real money. Your Public Key (or Address) is what you share with the world so that people can send you money, pretty much like your bank account. Your Private Key is what proves your ownership over that […]
Jun 18

Randomness on Blockchain: Theoretical obstacles and practical solutions

Alice and Bob want to play a dice game over the internet with some money at stake. They think, “why pay for an escrow service, when Ethereum is available?”. Is their intuition correct? Is it possible to play dice using an Ethereum smart contract. A short answer would yes, they can. However, what are the […]
Jun 11

The profile of a successful CEO in VFA business

There is no doubt that the blockchain business is very challenging. You need a unique combination of skills just to survive. In fact, skills take a whole different meaning at the level of a functional crypto or a  VFA Exchange. Being experienced, communicative, smart and diligent is just for starters. In this article we will […]
Jun 11